I started taking classes with Carlos to prepare for a trip to Italy for a friend’s wedding – and I convinced the bride to join me! It would be my second time in Italy and I knew that having language skills would make the trip even more special. After 8 months of weekly classes with Carlos, I had enough of a foundation that I felt very comfortable conversing with taxi drivers, hotel and restaurant staff, and others we encountered on our trip – and that made the experience infinitely more enjoyable and special than if I didn’t have those language skills. Carlos worked with us to tailor our classes to our trip, and spent time talking about cultural norms around weddings that we both enjoyed and came in handy (I left my purple outfit at home!). Carlos is a fantastic teacher but also a wonderful person, so although the wedding has come and gone I’ve continued taking Lezione d’Italiano with him because I so enjoy learning Italian with him.
-Emma Pennisi

In 2021, my friend and I reached out to Carlos about taking Italian lessons prior to my wedding in Positano. In just a year, we were able to have essential conversations leading up to and during the event and communicate throughout the trip in Italian.  We wouldn’t have been able to do this without Carlos’ skilled and patient instruction. He is a wonderful teacher and friend. We’ve learned so much already and  look forward to continuing our lessons.
-J. Ajluni

My sister, mother and I have been taking Italian lessons from Carlos for almost a year and still enthusiastically look forward to every class. In addition to his passion for languages and genuine, personable nature, Carlos’s skill as an instructor lets us progress as a group while also focusing on our individual learning aptitudes. He gladly shares his knowledge of Italian history and culture and provides valuable links to great Italian food, music and theater. In less than a year, the three of us can communicate with each other in Italian. We look forward to bringing our new skill on our next visit to Italy.  Thank you Carlos.

Deborah Hasselmark

Carlos is a wonderful teacher and person. Starting with useful phrases and advancing to technical grammar, Carlos organized our lessons in a way that got me talking immediately. With time, my responses to his drills became more and more automatic and with each lesson I grew more and more comfortable speaking in Italian.

Not only were our lessons technically challenging and productive, but they were also a blast. Carlos and I routinely went off on tangents and told stories, all in Italian. It was a joy to chat with Carlos, who has no shortage of interesting things to say, and improve my language skills at the same time.

If you are looking for an Italian teacher who will get you speaking immediately and share Italian culture with you with each lesson, Carlos is your man. With consistent practice, you will see your language skills improve rapidly, you will have a great time learning, and you will make a lifelong friend.

Ceci McWilliams, 17

I am a homeschooling mother of seven beautiful sons. I reached out to Carlos in 2013, when seeking an Italian instructor for my (at the time) 7th grade homeschooler.  I had contacted numerous other teachers of both French and Italian and no one would agree to work with a 7th grader.  Carlos, joyfully accepted my oldest as a student and tutored him for 6 years.  He worked with my second son, as well and we will continue to turn to Carlos for our other children’s learning.  Carlos is a kind, intelligent and “simpatico” teacher who tailors his lessons to his learner — often creating his own materials — with quite astonishing results. He includes so many topics that would never be covered in a traditional setting. Every lesson is a joy and a leap forward!  I have been telling Carlos for many years that some day, it will be my turn to be his student!

Audra Kubelka

Audra Kubelka
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