Carlos is a wonderful tutor who loves teaching the beautiful Italian language to non-Italians.  I have worked with Carlos for three months to prepare for further language studies in Italy, and I learned so much!  He boils down Italian grammar into simple, straightforward rules that are easy to remember.  He is very positive, patient and encouraging with your progress, he customizes his lesson plans for the individual student’s needs and goals, and he is very diplomatic and non-intimidating when correcting your homework.  He teaches not only the language but also the customs, culture and colloquial expressions of Italy. 

Carlos is very well-educated, cultured, and a warm and kindly person:  molto intelligente, gentile e simpatico!  I recommend him without reservation as your tutor of the Italian language.  I think his private lessons are excellent value for the money.  I hired Carlos to get the lessons, and I also got a friend!

Cassie Stinson, JD

This summer I will be working as an au pair in Turin, Italy. When I initially took the job, I knew almost no Italian, and thought it would be a good idea to learn at least a bit before I went. I was worried that I would have barely any time to make headway, but after taking three weeks of lessons with Carlos almost daily, I feel able to have entire conversations quite comfortably! Carlos is an exceptional teacher. He is able to break down and explain the parts of the language clearly and concisely, and was able to quickly understand my particular leaning style and ability and adapt his lessons to maximize our time. His knowledge of the nuances of language is deep and his enthusiasm is infectious; I enjoyed every minute of our work together! I am endlessly grateful for all of the effort he put in to make it possible for me to learn everything I did. Patient, dedicated, and a lovely person – my only regret is that I couldn’t stay for longer!

Annie Farnsworth

I am a drawing instructor at TX State University and have been selected to teach the drawing component of a Summer Study Abroad Program in Florence. I knew I needed help getting an understanding of the language in a somewhat short chunk of time, and Carlos was immeasurably helpful. Carlos has a wonderful, intuitive teaching style that gracefully weaves in and out of grammatical and conversational skill sets. He is super generous with his handouts and printed material, which allow for thorough homework assignments and drills. Carlos is super capable of fine tuning his approach to students individual needs, which makes for a very productive course and smooth learning curve. I am here in Italy now, receiving kudos from taxi drivers, shopkeepers, baristas, and even another Italian teacher! I only studied with Carlos for 4 months and I improved greatly. I highly recommend his services. He is a great teacher, a fun conversationalist, and a very nice guy. I look forward to continue studying with him when I return.

Jules Buck Jones, TX State University

 I have studied other languages in a variety of settings: classrooms, self-study and small groups, but my private lessons with Carlos have been the most enjoyable and efficient method I have tried.  The lessons are always pleasant because Carlos provides a variety of methods to keep the lessons interesting.  As he is a native speaker of Italian, Carlos can explain difficult concepts and model pronunciation in a way that inspires confidence in the student. 
   One really striking aspect of the experience is Carlos’s skill in tailoring the material and approach to the needs and interests of the student.  Because of this, the grammar I learned took about half the time it would have if I had been in college.   He is always prepared with something interesting, provides recommendations for films and books and hosts a conversation salon that is welcoming and helpful for all students.  Carlos is friendly, personable and encouraging.  I recommend him as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn Italian.

Kathryn McIntyre, MD

Italian is such a beautiful language and Italy such a wondrous destination that for the past 20 years, I’d wanted to speak passable italian. I’d listened to tapes, self-studied a bit, and could use certain limited phrases, but couldn’t converse, and, more importantly, didn’t understand the grammatical rules governing the language. Fortunately, there was the opportunity to study with Carlos. Carlos is an exceptional teacher. He has condensed the rules of the italian language into digestible bites. He has a wide array of exercises that build on one another, so that one must integrate all aspects of the language into new concepts. He’s a master at adapting to the needs of each individual student. But really, the proof is in the outcome. After studying with Carlos for around 6 months, on our last trip to Italy, I received uniformly positive feedback from the Italians themselves. Carlos is an ideal teacher for students at all levels. 

Kathryn J Kotrla, MD
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