Group Lessons

Our group lessons are tailored to the particular needs and goals of each group. That is why it is important that all students in a group be at a comparable level of Italian and have the same goals. LEZIONI D’ITALIANO starts with an interview with one person representing the group (or with the entire group): to asses levels, goals, time commitments, schedule possibilities, specific needs (tourism, business, technical, etc.) and so forth. Once we get an idea of the group’s needs LEZIONI D’ITALIANO presents a class proposal and a fee schedule.

Normally, groups sign-up for a three month program consisting of weekly lesson of 1.5 hours each. However, the length of the lessons can be extended to two hours and the frequency to twice weekly according to the needs and wishes of the group. LEZIONI D’ITALIANO also makes the syllabus depending on the expectations, deadlines, availability to study outside class, etc. of the group.