LEZIONI D’ITALIANO offers private instruction taught by Carlos Capra to individuals and small groups (2 to 6 students) targeting fluency and comprehension in properly spoken Italian.

One-on-One Lessons

These one-on-one lessons have a personalized structure designed to accommodate the student’s own pace and specific goals and needs so that the student can take full advantage of the time in lesson. One-on-one lessons are normally held once or twice a week for 1.5 hours each, unless the student prefers a different arrangement. The student pays for a group of lessons up front (normally four 1.5 hour lessons for which there is also a discount). Meetings are normally held at a local caffé.

Italian Diction for Singers

LEZIONI D’ITALIANO offers a full course on Italian diction either combined with a language course or diction only for singers who are not interested in more complete Italian language lessons. We also offer coaching in phonetics and vocabulary of specific songs/operas chosen by the singer.

Carlos Capra holds a Doctor of Music degree in clarinet performance. He has studied opera and opera conducting with Dr. Robert De Simone and has been playing clarinet in opera orchestras in the US and Europe since 1992. He also plays chamber music with singers frequently.

Group Lessons

Our group lessons are tailored to the particular needs and goals of each group. That is why it is important that all students in a group be at a comparable level of Italian and have the same goals. LEZIONI D’ITALIANO starts with an interview with one person representing the group (or with the entire group): to asses levels, goals, time commitments, schedule possibilities, specific needs (tourism, business, technical, etc.) and so forth. Once we get an idea of the group’s needs LEZIONI D’ITALIANO presents a class proposal and a fee schedule.

Normally, groups sign-up for a three month program consisting of weekly lesson of 1.5 hours each. However, the length of the lessons can be extended to two hours and the frequency to twice weekly according to the needs and wishes of the group. LEZIONI D’ITALIANO also makes the syllabus depending on the expectations, deadlines, availability to study outside class, etc. of the group.

Conversation for travelers

A practical introduction to spoken Italian. In these lessons students learn basic vocabulary and grammar with emphasis on conversational skills (speaking and listening comprehension) to find their way in Italy. Students will be able to formulate simple factual questions and requests, understand simple answers/directions and make simple complaints (Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe)

Advanced Italian lessons for the medical professions, for lawyers, for business and economy and for musicians –  Lessons for specialists in the fields listed.  These lessons are advanced and require a previous intermediate or advanced knowledge of Italian.

Italian for lawyers is directed to students, researchers and professionals in the legal fields who need to use Italian in their profession.

Italian for business and economy is directed to students, researchers and professionals in the fields of business administration and economy who need to use Italian in their work.

Italian for the medical professions is directed to students, researchers and professionals in the field of medicine who need to use Italian in medicine.

Italian for musicians is directed to classical music students, teachers, researchers and performers who need to use Italian in their activities.

Italian lessons for teenagers  – Italian lessons using an age specific approach.

Teenagers. Our lessons for teenagers offer new enjoyable and stimulating ways for teenagers to learn Italian incorporating topics and situations of particular interest to their age group.

AP Italian Exam. We also offer lessons preparing students for the Italian AP Exam (Italian Language and Culture Advanced Placement Exam).

Other offerings:

Preparation for the PLIDA exam.  PLIDA: certification of proficiency (6 levels) in Italian approved by the Italian government.  Valid for admission to Italian universities and to apply for long term visa.

Italian through cooking (for groups; intermediate/advanced).  Italian language course focusing on Italian food and food preparation.  Available with hands-on cooking or without.

Italian through opera (intermediate/advanced). Italian language course focusing on Italian opera.

Italian through film (intermediate/advanced). Italian language course focusing on Italian film.

Survey of Italian literature (intermediate/advanced). Chronological survey of Italian literature from the thirteenth to the twenty-first century through reading and study of major works and other selected texts of representative authors.

Italian for opera lovers (beginner/intermediate).  This is a course for those who want to learn just enough Italian to be able to work through an opera libretto (and maybe sing some arias!) but do not want to learn to speak Italian.  Enough grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension exercises to enjoy Italian opera in its original language.

We offer translation and interpreter services.