Italian Conversation Hour


+Saturdays,  3:00pm – 4:30pm (most Saturdays)

+Location: call or email 

+Fee: call or email 

+Commit to using Italian (mostly, at least) the entire time!

This is for students/speakers of all levels (who have at least some previous experience in Italian).  It takes place almost every Saturday from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.   This is not a class but an opportunity to practice and improve your Italian conversation skills in a relaxed and unstructured environment with other Italophiles!   You will be free to start conversations and talk about anything you want (hopefully not politics or religion!) and we encourage “show and tell”!!!  There will be an Italian instructor as facilitator and moderator and will correct mistakes in passing and help you express yourselves.  Depending on the number of people showing up and the different levels, there will be one or more additional instructors.  Although not necessary, it is a good idea to let us know if you are planing to come so we have an idea of the number of people (and can contact you in the event of a last minute cancellation).

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