We were heading to Tuscany with Lauren’s family for an extended stay and really wanted to be able to learn some simple phrases and social niceties. Carlos developed a custom curriculum that was tailored to the activities we were planning to spend our vacation on: ordering food at restaurants, shopping at the grocery store and open air markets, shopping for clothes and gifts, asking for directions and, of course, buying lots and lots of wine! Very soon after arriving we were the unofficial translators for our group and realized that the basics Carlos taught us were the perfect base to build on during our trip. Near the end we felt almost like locals as we shopped and ate our way through Tuscany. Thanks Carlos!!

Lauren Kleine & Chris Downey

I thoroughly enjoyed my Italian tutoring sessions with Carlos. He is an excellent teacher, tailoring his sessions to your learning speed and style. I was able to become fairly proficient with the present and the “passato prossimo” tense as well as enough vocabulary to feel comfortable going to Italy for 2 weeks in the span of 8 sessions. Carlos is also a wonderful person, and always a pleasure to be around. I definitely recommend him if you are planning a trip to Italy or want to pick up a beautiful new language. Molte grazie, Carlos.

Heather Falvo, M.D.

I have spoken Italian for years, but needed to clean up certain small but pesky blemishes attributable to both senescence and to cugini italiani who haven’t corrected me enough over the decades.  Carlos Capra was the ideal instructor for the job.  His lucid explanations, abundant examples, apt worksheets, ear for detail, and recommendations of outside texts and web sites helped me immensely.  Moreover, he has the patience of Buddha.  Prospective students, I doubt that you have a linguistic need he cannot meet. Grazie, Carlos.

Joanna Robinson, J.D.

I decided to work with a language tutor to prepare for my first visit to Italy. Although I possess certain useful life skills, learning a foreign language is not among them. Dr. Capra is the most patient teacher imaginable. He is very attuned to my needs and has even managed to convince me to speak Italian out loud with actual people (not just my dog, who never laughs at my pronunciation or my absurd way with pronouns). I would recommend Dr. Capra to anyone who would like to learn Italian!

Nancy P. Daley, PhD

Carlos Capra is a wonderful Italian teacher!  He combines deep idiomatic and grammatically sound knowledge of the language with fun exercises, readings, conversations, and coaching sessions.  In a recent trip to Italy, I was delighted to talk with (and understand!) so many people I interacted with.  What a joy to learn a language in Carlos’ supportive and encouraging classes.  If you want to learn Italian, Carlos è buonissimo!

Elota Patton, Communication Consultant and Coach.