Carlos is a terrific teacher who adapts on the fly to my state of mind in any given lesson.  Some days when I’ve been a “good student” and completed all my homework we focus on moving forward with grammar instruction targeting areas he’s observed that I need to strengthen.  Other days when my mood is less disciplined, we launch into pure conversation ranging from cheese making to complaining about politics…all while ensuring I don’t stray too far away from proper Italian.  Carlos makes the lessons varied, teaching with readings and film, pulling from a variety of grammar exercises and drawing upon his own original material from his years teaching at UT.  The sessions with Carlos move quickly and are great fun.

Jennifer Vickers

I have taken Italian classes with Dr. Capra for over two years. Over the course of these two years, Carlos has crafted an individual course of study for me, emphasizing conversational ability and experiential learning. Every week when I meet with Carlos he know exactly what topics to focus on to maximize the impact of the lesson, and is always ready to provide extra help.

It is clear to me that Carlos’ work is more than a job; it’s a vocation. He is so enthusiastic about Italian and culture that he often continues our lesson even after we have officially run out of time. In fact, after only a few months of study with Carlos,  I was able to take a trip to Italy where I could plainly gauge the progress I have made in reading, writing, and speaking ability.

I wholeheartedly recommend Carlos’ course to everyone interested in learning Italian, traveling to Italy, or anyone looking for a new venture

Carmen Berdion

An absolutely excellent teacher! A teacher myself, I learned so much from Carlos–and will be forever thankful! He is caring, insightful, passionate, and so very knowledgeable of anything Italian (not just the language, of which he is an expert of course, but food, opera, music in general, history, dialects, popular culture, current events…you name it!!)

Alis Manolescu

Carlos Capra is an excellent language teacher. Some of the qualities he brings to lessons:

-Command of the language.
-Adroitness in directing the learning process.
-Relaxed patience working at any skill level.
-Lucidity in explaining grammar.
-Organized lesson plans.
-Sense of humor.

I highly recommend Carlos as an Italian teacher/coach. He’s a gifted teacher who’s personable and patient, no matter what your skill level is.

Maimy Fong, pianist and voice coachpianist and vocal coach

I have been taking Italian lessons form Carlos for a year and a half. Previously, I took Italian at a university. I did well academically, but was frustrated about my ability to communicate. Carlos is the best teacher by far that I have come across, because he immediately sees your strengths and weaknesses and alters his approach accordingly. What he offers is far more than just someone to speak Italian with – you will learn Italian culture and are sure to improve your Italian. You don’t need to look any further for an instructor, Carlos is the best.

Yoshie Hasumi